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Avaloruthodarkathai((BETTER)) Fullmoviedownload

Sujatha Intro - a scene from the Tamil movie Aval Oru Todarkathai.n Watch Sujatha's intro from the classic movie.
Watch the reaction of the audience and thank God.
2. Visit to Tanah Lot Temple
In the evening, go to Tanah Zan Temple on Nirmala Ghat. You can even do Om Shikshastaka - Om Tanah Lotu. If you see a festive procession, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the Truth, immersed in the silence of the mind. This is how you experience the moment of presence in Infinity.
3. Visit the place where Rama and Sita met
On the body of Radha you can see "Tanah bhava" - the mark left by the touch of Rama. Look for a place to stay as a witness or a Christian witness, Jesus or any other saint you like.
4. Sit with Krishna in Meditation
Sit on Krishna's knees, close your hands to everyone, and let him control your energy. Try to see its eternal forms both in the temple and in the process of prayer.
5. Don't forget the "Ram Krishna Samaja"
Go to Sri Rameshwar Temple to visit a place called "Ram Krishna Samaja" where you can sit and meditate with Rama.
6. Attend an evening puja to experience ecstasy
Vinayam, Rama pujas, a visit to the Thai Temple or Ekam Nilayam, evening pujas of Hari-Muji and so on - all this can give a feeling of peace, ecstasy, sacred dance and impressions. The main thing is to find a suitable temple for meditation, where you will be provided with all the conditions.
7. Visit sacred sites during the rainy season
Visit the Ekajati Temple (Indra's Palace) during the country's heaviest rainy season. At Ekajeva Bhura Temple, you can spend long hours contemplating the continuous ceremony. Listen to the mudras of Shiva, sacrifices and Maha-Bhava.
8. Take a walk in the forest and look at the fluttering leaves
During the rainy season, when everything is covered in fog, visit the sacred forests in total darkness. It will be an unforgettable adventure.
9. Tightrope
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